Lane Meyer



ACT 1:

A mysterious figure watches an old TV in an otherwise empty, run down apartment. On the TV an old black and white gangster movie. What the hell does this have to do with anything? Just forget about it.

Present day. South Bronx. A heavy Italian mobster steps out of a shiny black luxury sedan on an empty street. He soon ends up in a coma at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital for severe head trauma, and the two shadowy figures who lurked behind him that night are no doubt responsible.

BENNY, a 36 yr old abrasive New York Italian, and RAMON, a smooth and likable 36 yr old child of Spanish immigrants grew up together, share an apartment together, would work together if they had the same skill sets, and they definitely beat down LOU VELLUCCI together, the man now in a coma.

Once chatter reaches their ears that the oppressive VELLUCCI mob family suspects LOU’s attackers are from the neighborhood, Benny, the over thinker, packs his bags. Resistant to the idea of fleeing, Ramon eventually gives in and they leave that very night.

ACT 2:
Despite Benny’s wellspring of pragmatic ideas, as usual, it’s Ramon’s effortless connection with serendipity that delivers. Ramon recently caught wind that JINA, a woman with whom he has some sort of near-romantic history, happens to be heading to California on a road trip with her half sister VIOLET.

Next morning, the two men meet up with the beautiful girls whom Benny stereotypes as a hip-hop dancer and a hot librarian. They click right away and they’re off into the sunset in a convertible, happily ever after.

...Except the mob is after them. ...and probably the police.

...And Benny keeps making up ridiculous lies to cover that fact.

...And the lies are complicating Ramon’s and Jina’s apparent desire to rekindle an old flame that was never fully realized.

Lou soon dies in ICU and a small group of cool young Italian hit men are promptly dispatched. The Vellucci’s however, owe every drop of power they poses to a much more imposing mob family, their employers, the PALOSI’s–their owners, in fact–the biggest and the baddest mobster family the city has ever seen.

Despite Benny’s ostensibly paranoid efforts to leave no trail, the Vellucci’s have no trouble tracking them as Jina, unbeknownst to the guys, has been posting progress of their trip on Facebook, including pictures of them all.

None the wiser for being on the run, the girls cordially show the guys every bit of geniality one could ever expect. In return, Benny is nothing short of an ass hole to Violet, who’s otherwise attracted to him.

The fact Benny made up an elaborate lie about he and Ramon writing a screenplay and trying to sell it in Hollywood was difficult enough for Ramon to bare. Worse, they soon learn that Jina’s and Violet’s father, who they’re heading to visit in Santa Cruz, is a renowned screenplay writer himself, only sparking deeper interest in the story the two of them are allegedly writing. Off the top of Benny’s head, it’s about two guys who kill a mobster and flee the city.

ACT 3:
It’s not easy, especially after romance in the desert and a meteoric night of Las Vegas partying and sensuality, but the guys make the tough decision. They’ve got to ditch the girls.

Too little too late perhaps.

DANTE and his boys, the hit men, catch up with Benny and shit hit’s the fan. Ramon’s true collected fearlessness is fully realized in a creative twist to the game of cat and mouse, in which the mouse may actually be a pit bull. And if shit just hit the fan, now all Hell breaks loose. Twist after twist, the Vellucci’s, the Palosi’s and twisted unforeseen pasts all unfold and any ending is imminently possible.



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