Lane Meyer



ACT 1:
AZALEA’s bedroom wall is covered in neatly organized Yankees caps, in every color and design you can imagine. Her small Brooklyn home is clean and simple. Aside from the hats the only real character it has is a large gaming chair before a huge monitor in the livingroom. She works from home most days and rarely ever goes out. She’s cute and stylish, has friends and opportunity, but... she chooses do slay dragons instead.

Her brother AZTEC returns home today from a life over seas of active duty and independent defense contracting. They share a deep connection and his return gives light to her world. But still, she lives much the same. That is until a neighbor recognizes Azalea’s voice. What’s more, he recognizes the ball cap she’s wearing, as she’d described it in a dungeon run. DAN, an awkward 40 year old who could easily pass for 30 or younger, introduces himself. Azalea panics.

ACT 2:
After getting drunk in front of her brother and life long friend SAMANTHA – yes, she does in fact have friends after all, even if she chooses to ignore them most of the time – she decides to befriend Dan. First step, a double “date” of sorts. Her and Dan along with her brother and friend, BETH. Turns out Dan is weird as shit, quirky as fuck, and a really great guy. He thinks the world of her brother and quickly points out he and Aztec have an affinity for the same rare music. She slowly begins to spend time with him more and more.

With a child like directness he dives into her relationship with her brother, their late father she and Aztec adore so much, her step mother, her ball cap collection and everything else that he finds unique about her, like the fact her brother is white and she’s “half black”, and they both have “Z” names. As annoying as he is, Azalea finds him equally endearing. He also puts together pieces of her life to realize she isn’t living out her dream because she’s been hurt.

Dan has become part of the family and as a result Azalea has begun to open up to the world. Azalea is somewhat saddened to learn that Dan will be leaving to West Africa soon to help with a charity group called From Brooklyn with Love. She falls for his passion for the group and for helping orphaned children over seas and finally... drops the bomb on her friends and brother. “I’m going to Ghana with Dan.”

Despite the advice of her friends Azalea faces her fears, quits her job, packs a bag, leaves her brother in charge of her beloved inherited home and moves to Ghana.

And it SUCKS!

Everything she feared comes true. This so-called charity group is nothing more than a collective of disorganized, immature hopefuls who are getting very little done. She crashes. She gives herself space from Dan and questions her whole life.

Meanwhile Aztec has the inevitable confrontation his “estranged” mother. It goes about as expected: Like shit.

ACT 3:
In a desperate phone call to her brother, Azalea finds hope. Her brother finds he is needed, and Dan finds out he was right all along, that Azalea is strong. The three of them come together, a small West African orphanage is firmly established, the death of Azalea’s and Aztec’s father is reconciled, and a new life – one with hope and purpose – is born.



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